About Pamela

A business owner since 1996, Pamela's extensive experience on the Web and expertise in graphic design, marketing and project management benefit her clients who receive top-notch customer service and fresh ideas for their businesses.


Her interest in health began when she realized that her lifestyle as a self-employed busy mom was one of poor sleeping habits, mindless eating habits, and daily exposure to dangerous toxins. She didn't watch her sugar intake. She didn't know what it took to be healthy nor did she really think about it. After she had her third child, she was feeling frumpy and low on energy. 


All this changed when she realized that flooding her body with fruits and vegetables could turn things around. And they did. Not only for her but for her family. From that day forward, her compassion for other families has given her a mission to share a healthy lifestyle.

Pamela has over 20 years of experience in marketing. Her passion for showing others appreciation has developed into a joy of creating marketing campaigns that build loyalty and make customers feel appreciated.


Pamela's personal interests include relishing her weekly "Date Night" with husband, Spencer, studying the Bible, volunteering at church and school, taking photos, preserving memories through digital scrapbooking, reading historical fiction, travelling and playing volleyball (mostly sand these days!) Pamela is a follower of Jesus Christ, a devoted wife & mother of three amazing children.

Pamela Grover, Health, Marketing